Loans for Care Homes

Loans for Care Homes

Here at Konnect Financial we've seen a rapid growth in the use of Unsecured Short Term Business Loans from a variety of industries, especially for privately funded care homes and health centres. Unsecured business loans for care homes are extremely effective in providing quick cash injection.

These can be used to:
- Pay Salaries,
- Fund new equipment & machines,
- Pay for building works
- To provide a cash injection to carefully manage

The loans as a whole are extremely easy to use and set up, especially when you utilise this loan through us here at Konnect Financial. We specialise in this loan because it is hassle free, it is popular but most importantly it saves everyone involved a lot of time. There is minimal paperwork, no security required, flexible options, can be arranged in a day, no business plans required, transparent cost & fees and even accepts credit history that has been a little strained.

HD_Hdr_MemoryCareTo find out more about our Unsecured Business Loans for Care Homes, continue to our website.

The care and health industries are always significant talking points in political and financial terms – the most popular topics with these industries range from the quality of care and the lack of resources available. If you’re a care home struggling financially, then there’s no need to panic, even if the high-street banks have stated that they cannot help you.

You have high expectations from all of your clients, and although this can be stressful, it can be hard to get the balance of quality caring and good financial management. If your Care Home requires a quick cash injection or a commercial loan then give us a call, here at Konnect Financial we’ll be able to support you – we guarantee that we have a loan to suit you and your care home.

Succeed with us, give us a call at 0333 011 2208 or email us at We like to take the additional stress off you so that you can focus on making your dream project a reality and we can support you in making it possible.

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