Funding for your Business

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Are you looking for funding to grow your business a quick cash injection?

Searching for the right product to suit your business requirement can be quite stressful as there are countless lenders and even more product options.

Konnect Financial is a one stop shop to deliver the business finance you are looking for. At Konnect, we help SME’s secure finance for expansion, growth, renovation, or to take the leap to a big contract. We deal with:


  • Unsecured business finance
  • Secured commercial business finance
  • Commercial mortgages or buy-to-let finance
  • Individual residential mortgages
  • 2nd charge mortgage or loan
  • Development & bridging finance

We know the importance of funding. Every business requires growth, and we know about the importance of getting cash at the right time and at the best. We can help to arrange this for you so you can concentrate on your business.

We are key players in the market with partnerships with several lenders. We liaise with High Street Banks, Challenger Banks & Alternative Finance providers. Through Konnect, you can gain an insight into the market with a range of products to access. We have experienced and dedicated individuals to help make your funding journey a smooth process.

  • Free market place for business finance –Gain Insight to a range of products
  • Whole access to the market – We have a large lender panel
  • Fast, quick & agile –Quick access to capital& fast decision process
  • Less fluff & more results–Less paperwork &no business plans required
  • Trust is key – Transparent costs & fees
  • Flexible – Ok if the credit history has had few bumps in the past






Our Services

Unsecured business finance

A short-term injection of cash to grow your business: buy stock, purchase a vehicle, hire more staff or just to help fill a temporary gap in your cash flow. This can either be short term or up to 5 years.

Commercial finance

If you’re buying a commercial property or refinancing a commercial loan;invoice finance for the whole ledger or for a single invoice through spot factoring; asset finance to purchase machinery or commercial vehicles.

Mortgages & buy-to-let finance

Mortgage for your first house (advised sale) or remortgage your existing mortgage to get better rate or to raise more equity or looking to buy a buy to let property

Bridging & development finance

Securing finance for development or construction of a new project or if you require a bridging facility for a short period of time.


Loan approval within 1 day

With a personalised trustworthy service, we never let our customers down. We understand that in this day and age where personalised banking has almost disappeared, trust is of vital importance. At Konnect, we believe customer service is something one never forgets; hence we listen to you whenever you need to discuss. We build long term relationships with our clients. We listen and understand your requirement as each business need is different. Grow your business with help at Konnect Financial.

Whether you're looking to expand your current business by purchasing a new site or someone who is in urgent need of quick funds for only a few weeks, we can help you. You can be a dental practice requiring funds to obtain a new premises or an IT company looking to obtain and secure bigger contracts. With the experience in this industry we can help secure this cash injection for you.

Depending on what suits your business needs we can arrange funds for short term, medium to long term.

Affordable financing at your terms is our aim for you. At the end of the day your business needs to earn money, so we try to make sure we get you the best rate available in the market.


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