Business Success Stories


Konnect Financial supervised and lead us in making difficult financial decisions to help grow our business. They offered us a very friendly, approachable and professional service. We would highly recommend them to any firm looking for short-term funding, long-term funding or crowd-funding as well as Financial advisory services. 


Our Business had a need to improve its cash flow due to the number of contracts we were awarded. Funding wasn't widely available despite we had secured good contracts with clients. In order to get the big corporate clients on-board and to provide them excellent services, Visio Ingenii needed the cash injection. We arranged a meeting with Konnect Financial who explained our options and then dealt with everything patiently on our behalf. The solution Konnect Financial came up with was ideal for our situation and at a lower cost than we had expected.

Many thanks to Preeti for making the whole process much easier. Ms Preeti was very proactive in communications, advising and lender’s expectation management. Moreover Konnect Financials also helped us in several occasions where we required short-term funding well within a few days and literally hassle-free. They promoted our balance sheet details as well as made sure they were clear in communicating our needs in detail, this allowed us to focus on our business activities rather than working rigorously on finding lenders and explaining our requirements each time we applied for a different lender. They arranged a deck of lenders and the application process was one-time stress-free with advice and the rest was totally taken care by them. We would recommend Konnect Financial to any SME, micro or even medium level companies looking for stress-free cash flow solutions be it for short-term or long term.

All thanks to Konnect Financial, we are now working on our new products and accomplishing existing projects successfully.


Dr Nagachetan Bangalore

Director – Visio Ingenii Ltd