Working Capital Loan

A Working Capital Loan is to support daily cash flow and the operation of the business. There may be several instances where your need funds for only a short duration, i.e. you need to secure that order, need funds till the invoices get paid, new to get the bigger clients onboard or knowing that funds will be in place in the future but have been delayed. Or there will be days in your business where you need to pay employee wages or your business just needs a cash injection to grow. At Konnect we can help you to get Working Capital Loans in a day.

Since the Financial Crises the banks require to hold a bigger security in order to lend, in that case where should the SME’s go. We at Konnect Financial help you secure this means of funding so that you can take your company to a growth curve. Access to Working Capital loans is driving faster SME growth rates. From research done by Funding options, it has emerged that with the availability of these borrowing options, the turnover of SME’s has increased by 15.7% on an average.

So why not take advantage of the flexible funding for business capital that we at Konnect can help you provide to grow and expand.

Give Konnect Financial a call at 0333 011 2208 or fill our contact us form or just send us an email at to discuss this option for your business.


We all know that when a business is growing, expanding, renovating, it requires funds, working capital funding can be for various needs in your day to day requirement.

  • Small business loan to purchase stockFunding for buying stock for your business is one of the key factors which can enable you to grow your business rapidly. It has been found through online research that SME’s grow progressively faster as their ability to borrow for stock increases. Whether you are a convenient store or a small online retailer putting stock and inventory into the business is very important especially at festive times to offer deals to customers for Christmas, Boxing Day or Easter. Travel Agencies buy out deals with hotels and airlines before the summer season in order to provide good deals to their clients in the holiday season. We at Konnect Financial will provide you with quick, flexible options for short term working capital loans to buy stock for your business.
  • Short term funding for working capital – A business can come across funding requirements in its day to day operation, these can be of very short term in nature so someone who is quick and can provide funds at affordable rate is someone you are looking for. Your business could need short term funds to
  • To meet additional marketing expenses for signage or advertising
  • To meet increased costs for relocation to a new office
  • Or you have come across some slow paying customers
  • Or simply, for just about any business looking for some quick financing, a working capital loan is definitely a great choice to consider.

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