Unsecured Short Term Business Loan

Gaining rapid popularity since the last year amongst SME’s is the Unsecured Short Term Business Loan. There are various reasons to back the popular demand. Unsecured business loans, as the name suggests are loans where is the business is not keeping any property, asset or collateral as a security to get the funds. The lenders are willing to lend an amount to the business based on the business performance.

Konnect Financial specialises in this loan because its hassle free, popular & most of all saves time. Some benefits of this loan for your business are

  • Making the world easier to live in – minimal paperwork required, simple process
  • Don’t worry about charge on your assets – No security required
  • Affordable – you are looking at interest rates which are low with flexible options
  • Personal Guarantee – Short term loans can be arranged with or without a PG
  • Fast-Quick-Agile – loans arranged within a day, quick access to capital
  • Less fluff & more results - no business plans required
  • Trust is key – Transparent costs & fees
  • Futuristic – Ok if the credit history has had few bumps in the past

The above advantages of an unsecured loans make it very popular amongst the business community. Recent online research has proved that the access to such readily available capital for SME’s is driving the growth rates. The confidence in the small scale businesses is increasing which is inturn increasing the appetite for taking that next step towards growth. The unsecured business loans are often referred to as less risky loans.  

If you would like to know more simply discuss this with us to see whether its relevant to your business model. Give us a call or fill the form & we will call you shortly.

Grow your business according on your terms – Get access to this simple, easy, flexible financing and take control of your business. Succeed in getting this loan for your business needs, whether short or medium term, such funding can work wonders for your business. 

Give Konnect Financial a call at 0333 011 2208 or fill our contact us form or just send us an email at enquiries@konnectfinancial.co.uk to discuss this option for your business.

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