Point of Sale Finance

Point of Sale Finance has been traditionally offered as a finance avenue for end user customers who wish to purchase higher value goods.

With the increased popularity of paying for items online Pay by Finance is an online point of sale solution especially developed for online purchases. It has been developed in response to the continuous growth of web sales and has since helped many online retailers to improve their cash flow and growth. This attractive option gives you the ability to offer finance 24 hours a day adding to the customer’s purchasing convenience and experience. The application process is quick and simple, and presents the customer with a decision in seconds.

As a retailer or online business owner this service will help increase your average order size as the customer will enjoy the increased buying power. This in turn will help you achieve a greater conversion rate from your average web shopper will encourage to commit to the bigger ticket purchases in ‘real time’ when presented as a monthly payment as opposed to a one off payment. It’s always a good way to encourage increased traffic to your website. The system is simple and adaptable, it can be tailored to your exact requirements and will provide a very flexible option.

woman buying online 2

There are a wide variety of sectors that the finance method can be applied to:

Education & Training
Technology & Appliances
Lifestyle & Valuables
Sports & Leisure
Medical Procedures
Home Improvement

Give Konnect Financial a call at 0333 011 2208 or fill our contact us form or just send us an email at enquiries@konnectfinancial.co.uk to discuss this option for your business.

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