Funding For New Start Businesses

Taking the plunge and starting a new business can be both an exciting and daunting time. If you are setting out on a new entrepreneurial venture, you’ll want to make sure you are well equipped and have ample knowledge in all aspects of business management to ensure your business concept is successful.

Aside from conducting lengthy market research and ensuring there is a niche in your industry for the product or service you are looking to introduce, one of the biggest aspects new businesses are confronted with is finding sufficient funding to support their project.

There are plenty of networks and groups that offer support and guidance to those launching a new business, and if you are looking for financial advice and practical solutions, look to Konnect Financial to provide you with a range of finance options that will help put your business on the map.


It may be both surprising and reassuring to know that only a small percentage of start-up businesses manage to secure business loans or funding from a bank. They can be particularly hard to secure if you have a bad credit rating or limited evidence to support your credit score. This is why more and more new businesses are sourcing other funding methods or looking to other lenders for business related borrowing.

Konnect Financial are a very popular choice and their range of loan products they arrange are targeted specifically at small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs). Their NACFB status highlights their dedication to helping businesses turn their ideas from dreams into reality. The friendly team of financial advisers at Konnect Financial are always on hand and more than happy to advise you and your business of the loan that is right for you. They will use indicators such as the amount you are looking to borrow and the period of time you will make the repayments for and then explain their recommendations to you, helping you to make an informed decision.

One of the many benefits of enlisting the help of an independent firm like Konnect Financial is that they have the flexibility to give unbiased and honest feedback. They are not affiliated with any other brands or particular products and so you know that when you seek their advice, you will be getting a genuine, trustworthy and professional opinion and they’ll be endorsing products that they believe will really benefit you and your business’s individual needs.

There are a number of loan products that may be suitable to your business. If you are looking for short term funding, bridging loans, invoice finance loans and unsecured short term business loans are some of the most popular options. Alternatively, if you require a long term, sustainable cash injection, a working capital loan or a secured business loan have both been successful lending solutions to clients in the past.

Having access to funds can give your start-up business the boost it needs to source industry standard tools or equipment, or allow for necessary expenditure to help generate sales. It can even be a simple temporary aid to pay salaries whilst you are awaiting invoices to be paid into your business account. It is highly recommended to have a large cash sum at the foundation of your start-up to allow for your business to develop and grow. To discuss your business needs further, call one of the Konnect Financial team today to find out how a simple but effective finance solution could be heading into your business account very soon.

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