Instant Business Loans

Instant Business Loans

Instant Business Loans

Businesses require funds instantly. No one has time to wait for approval and disbursement for 1 week or even 2 days. People and businesses need instant decision. This also applies to lenders. Lenders who ask for lots of documents or have lengthy internal processes to approve them, lose their business. Time is critical.

At Konnect Financial, we approve loans within 1 day. In the majority of cases loans are approved within 3-4 hours. We don't like wasting our time or yours. There are few cases where we know businesses cannot get more funding, there is no point giving them false hopes so we are honest and up-front. 

To be able to get an instant business loan, you will have to meet certain conditions. If you run a well-established business with good turnover and profit, the loan will be approved in minutes. As the loan amount goes higher, sometimes you might need some security or personal guarantee for the loan.

Success Stories

£100k loan approved in 5 hours. The business needs funds for working capital and growth of the business. They had big orders but shortage of funds.  

£150k loan approved in 6 hours for a new start up business. The client had a few properties but no financial track record. We knew with experience how we can help his new start up business to support funds.

£60k loan approved for a commercial store which was declined by various lenders in the UK. The person was in instant need of funds to pay suppliers and consolidate existing debt.We approved the loan quickly and the business is growing every year.

Contact Konnect Financial for your instant requirement of funds. Quick approval, easy funding...


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