Why over 55s are becoming moneylenders to fund their retirement

Why over 55s are becoming moneylenders to fund their retirement

As the Bank of England announced last week that the interest rates are not going to rise in the foreseeable future, what far reaching consequences are there. Speculation has heightened that people over the age of 55 are the biggest casualties of these stagnant interest rates. Their savings are being moved to more profitable methods of growth, so could Peer to Peer investment opportunities provide the answer?

The over 55’s are increasingly becoming money lenders as a way to fund their retirements. Have they got a case to support this action?

The number of people at retirement age investing their money with these type of providers increased by 84% last year, according to a recent survey carried out by Konnect Financial Ltd through their panel oOver 55sf lenders.






Over 55s currently have a total of £184million on loan, earning average returns of between 2.5%, if you want monthly access to your invested money, to 6% if you lock it up with the P2P provider for five years.

Let Konnect Financial unlock your available funds deal with a wide range of Peer to Peer lenders on your behalf.

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