Unsecured Business Lending London

Unsecured Business Lending London

As you may well know, The Bank of England has extended credit support for small and medium businesses. Although it was going to be cut at the beginning of the year, they’ve increased this time to run over two years. Although it is certainly going to be cut altogether, it’s important to ensure that your business is financially strong and covered when needed for the future. This is why by using a reliable financial personalised banking service like ours, here at Konnect Financial, you will be able to rely on our variety of loan services. We can help keep your business going and allow us to support you financially when required. We provide a wide range of services including Unsecured Business Lending in London.


Unsecured business loans are widely known as the less risky loan solution, because of its many advantages. Unsecured business loans are loans where the business is not providing any property, asset or collateral as a security to get the funding. The lenders are able to lend funds to the business, based on the business performance, its financials and its affordability. This loan facility has become hugely popular, thanks to the alternate lenders in the market.

Here at Konnect Financial we specialise in this loan specifically because it is hassle free, popular and most of all saves a great deal of time and effort for you & your business. The major advantages of unsecured short term business loan is that it is a simple way of securing funds with minimal paperwork, no security required, affordable with low interest rates and flexible options with available term, quick turnaround (arranged within a day), no business plans required, transparent costs & fees and it's ok if your credit history has had a few bumps in the past.

Continue to our website now to find out more about our unsecured business lending service or simply email us at enquiries@konnectfinancial@co.uk or fill the contact us form and we will call you to discuss your case.

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