Mortgage rates on the market change all the time, and without regular checks of the mortgage you currently have you may be missing out on potential savings on what is usually the largest outgoing of the household.

Most people will shop around on their car insurance every year but leave their mortgage running month by month as they don’t realise how much money they can save. Having gone through the mortgage process already some home owners leave their mortgage with the same provider once their initial rate comes to an end and are paying more than they need to for their mortgage without realising how simple a mortgage broker can help you to switch and save.

For instance: If you have a mortgage of £250,000

On a rate of 3%, and you are able to reduce your mortgage rate by just 1%

You could save£ 1,512 on your mortgage payments just over the next 12 months!


Around a third of Mortgages loans taken out are remortgages and its important to know you have someone you can trust to find the best rates for your life now.








Reasons to remortgage could include

  • You are able to make bigger repayments but your current lender won’t let you.
  • Your home may have gone up in value and you may be eligible for a lower rate.
  • You may want to switch to a repayment mortgage instead of an interest only.
  • Your current deal is about to end.

At Konnect we can give you a free mortgage check to see if you can save some money on your current mortgage and potentially save you £1000’s!

We will just need some basic information of your current mortgage and we can give you comparisons with what is currently available and can then help by processing your application to help you to move your mortgage to a new rate / provider.

For a free no obligation chat call us on 0333 011 2208 today or email us at


Home Mover

If you’re looking to move home Konnect Financial can help you to find the right mortgage for your new property.

Moving home can be stressful from the searching for the right property, to agreeing prices, to packing and physically moving. We can take the added stress of organising your mortgage away by taking control of your application. We can work with estate agents, solicitors and lenders to help make the process as easy as possible for you so you rest at ease knowing that this if being taken care of.

If you are ready to move home, or would like to know if you’re in the position to move to another property, then get in touch by calling us today on 0333 011 2208, or fill out our enquiry form on our website for an advisor to give you a call.

We can give you advice on how much you can borrow and give you information on the home moving process and costs.

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