Fixed Term/IT Contractors

Fixed Term Contractors/ IT Contractors

Whilst getting a mortgage without a permanent position can be tricky, it’s definitely not impossible. At Konnect we understand the varying needs of different contractor workers and therefore we can find a mortgage that best suits you. Because contractors tend to fall outside of many lenders criteria, it's possible that your mortgage application may leave you paying a rate that doesn’t reflect your income. We have formed a solid relationship with a network of lenders who also understand how contractors work. With these lenders we will work to secure the best deal and give you a mortgage that fits for you.

We can help you if you are a;

  • Fixed term contractor
  • Subcontractor
  • Agency worker
  • IT Contractor
  • Contractor who charges a day rate
  • Contractor with more than one current contract
  • Contractor trading as a sole trader or limited company
  • Any complex cases or gaps within your contracting period












Its very important that you seek the advice of a professional mortgage advisor because they can provide advice on a wide range of mortgages. Moreover, we at Konnect are aware of the different criteria’s with different lenders in respect of how they calculate the overall income to determine the maximum amount you can borrow.

We understand that as a contractor your time is very valuable and taking a day off to see an advisor or broker isn’t always possible, that’s why do all our work over the phone or via email.

Contact us today on 0333 011 2208 for a friendly no obligation call or email  to discuss the best options for your situation.