Case study: Harvey’s the Jewellers

Case study: Harvey’s the Jewellers

Based in the Manchester area, Harvey’s the Jewellers has over 30 years of experience in the trade. The bespoke jewellery designers were looking to source a total of £50,000 from a loans company to be used to help sustain the current growth of the organisation. Between April 2018 and February 2019, their sales had increased by 19.75% and they were keen to keep this trend going by getting a business loan.

After liaising with each other in March 2019, Konnect Financial were happy to provide Harvey’s the Jewellers with the unsecured loan funding that they deserved. To make the process as quick as possible, we went through all the documents that were sent across, making sure that we had everything we needed and requested anything that was missing. After looking into all possible options available, we then set out to ensure an instant business approval loan at the lowest rate.

Based on assessing their documents, we were able to reach out to the most suitable lenders. As the application was progressing over the following days, we were able to efficiently exchange emails between the client and lender, sending across any additional information that the lender required.

Based on our core principles of trust and transparency, Konnect Financial were able to provide Harvey’s the Jewellers with exactly what they wanted in a quick and efficient manner. The same commitment was sustained during the funding period where we carefully checked all loan paperwork, making sure everything was in order before returning them to the lender.

This helped to get Harvey’s the Jewellers unsecured business funding within the same week as the offer had been received. In total, the whole process from start to finish lasted only nine days.

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