What is a Bridging Loan? When is it Appropriate to Use Them?

What is a Bridging Loan? When is it Appropriate to Use Them? A bridging loan is a short term loan. It’s a stop-gap or loan to tide you over till you can get a longer-term, more favourable arrangement set up. Bridging loans are commonly used when the cash from the sale of an asset is…
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Konnect Financial Funds SME Business in Just 24 Hours

The current economy is supporting a small business insurgency, and Konnect Financial is helping entrepreneurs tap into opportunities with SME loans approved in just one day. Fast, secure and easy to obtain, the loans represent seriously lucrative prospects for Brits wanting a slice of the SME revolution.    Rather than rely on computer generated credit-scoring…
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Instant Business Loans

Instant Business Loans Businesses require funds instantly. No one has time to wait for approval and disbursement for 1 week or even 2 days. People and businesses need instant decision. This also applies to lenders. Lenders who ask for lots of documents or have lengthy internal processes to approve them, lose their business. Time is critical.…
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Business Working Capital Loan

Konnect Financial approved Business working capital for a convenience store who was declined by all lenders. We looked closely what exactly was missing, worked on the customer application and got an approved £50,000 loan within 5 hours. The customer had some adverse credit with CCJ's, however we still got it approved. Another Success Story -…
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