5 resolutions for your business

5 resolutions for your business

Now is the time of year when we start thinking about New Year and ‘hitting the reset button’, we make New Years Resolutions that we hope to keep and achieve. So when you are setting your resolutions, make 2019 the year you finally put those business goals into action, the year you finally expand or buy those new premises! The sky really is the limit. So let’s have a look at some resolutions you should take with you into 2019:

1. Give yourself some achievable aims and objectives for the next 12 months 

Sit yourself down and think about what you want for your business and where you want to be in the future and make those your aims - for example do you want your business to expand or enter a new market? Maybe you just want to sort out the cash flow issues you have been having. Whatever it is make that your aim, then work out what you need to do to achieve that aim - these will be your objectives.

2. Get past the barriers that are stopping you from achieving your aims

Whilst working towards your aims, you will hit many barriers but don’t let that stop you. But as John Rohn said ‘If you really want something you will find a way or find an excuse’ - this is very true for business owners! So get rid of those barriers and excuses, if the bank has rejected your business loan then come and talk to us and we will help you get the loan that will take your business to the next level.

3. Take some time off

A lot of business owners seem to think that the key to success is working long hours day and night without a break or ‘me time’. And for some of them that might be true for some. Taking a break and doing things that you enjoy will ensure that you don’t burn out and end up with nothing, taking a break every now and then.

4. Start networking 

Networking should be a key part of any business. So whether you are just starting out or have an established business, make 2019 the year that you make networking part of the business plan. There are lots of events across the country that you can join and if there isn’t an event that you feel suits you, then why not host your own event for local businesses.

5. Sort out the cashflow issues today

If money issues are keeping you awake at night then nip them in the bud now. Cashflow issues happen to most businesses at one point or another, and sometimes it is through no fault of the business owner, but the important thing is to get it sorted. So whether you have a customer who is refusing to pay and need a loan to cover the cost until they do or if you need to pay off some debts so you can start with a clean slate in January, then have a chat with one of our finance experts.

So there you have it, apply these 5 resolutions and your business will be off to a flying start in 2019. We have helped many small businesses and entrepreneurs achieve their goals because we believe that money should not be a barrier. Banks reject loan applications all the time, sometimes for small reasons, but we can help.

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